Amy Shapiro, M. Ed.

Astro-Therapist, Past Life therapist, Wellness Consultant

Amy trained with sages and scholars since the age of 14, and honors their legacies in her books, reports and services. Amy met Isabel Hickey in 1966 while in high school and studied at her Boston School of Astrology for 5 years. With Issie Amy saw how meditation, creative visualization, grace and humor nurture our souls, and that Astrology reveals the divine in the mundane. Amy’s journey then led her to William Swygard, Jo Onvlee and Dr. Oskar Adler (and other sages not featured on this site).

Amy earned a BA in Education and Psychology, an M. Ed in Counseling Psychology and Guidance, and was a Head Start Advisor, and taught for Wheelock and Endicott Colleges, benefiting children. Using her expertise in Astrology and Psychology, Amy guides clients to nurture their highest potentials and heal their wounds.

Her publishing career began at Para Research in 1977, aiding astrologers Rob Hand, Bob Pelletier, Rob Jansky, Dr. Margaret Millard, John Townley, Marcia Moore, Dusty Bunker and others. Besides the ‘Planets In’ series, Amy championed Dr. Oskar Adler’s lectures, now published with her biography of Dr. Adler as New Age Sages books.

Amy gained skills in stress management at Dr. Herb Benson’s Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Institute, Hypnotherapy at New England Society for Clinical Hypnosis, and as a Fresh Start facilitator via the American Cancer Society. She applies these healing tools in her therapy practices through Astrology, T’ai Chi, regression and nutrition.

In the 80’s and 90’s Amy appeared on radio and TV, and her own ‘Good Heavens!’ shows and columns. Amy served as President of Star Rovers Astrological Assoc, Boston chapter of National Council for Geocosmic Research, first Clerk of NCGR; Director of Cape Ann School of Astrology and columnist for Horoscope and other Magazines. Amy has guided thousands of clients, and enjoys speaking to many groups.

Amy is the sole author of all of these New Age Sages books and Astrological report:

Lastly, because Amy enjoys the benefits of a simple way of taking in more plant foods, she recommends this Nutrition program to others, as shown on her Services page. Please contact Amy to learn about this or her consulting services. She is in Gloucester, MA.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"