Amy can help you find more purpose, joy, peace, clarity, balance, meaning, spiritual alignment and improved physical health through the following services, including ...

Astrological Consults

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTS can address any of these areas of concerns:

  • Personal Growth: To identify strengths and challenges, and make the most of your gifts and potentials as shown in your birth chart, transits and progressions.
  • Timing: For weddings, partnerships, surgery, career, events, moves, family planning or solar returns, Astrology offers a Cosmic Compass for life changes.
  • Relationships: For your Cosmic Chemistry with others, i.e., relatives, romantic ties, or work associates to understand the dynamics of your relationships.
  • Spiritual Growth: To understand and find clues to resolving karmic patterns.

To schedule, please use the contact page. New Clients $150 for one hour. Return consults: $120 for one hour, $60 for a half hour.

“GOOD HEAVENS!” Gift Certificates

A 1/2-hour astrological consult with Amy will give your loved one guidance on his/her unique natal chart strengths and challenges, patterns and timing. Please request a Gift Certificate via the Contact page. $75 for a half hour


Amy’s Cape Ann School of Astrology, founded in the 1980s, serves all levels. Amy also coaches advanced students who seek to use Astrology professionally.


For a lecture for your group on any topic related to Amy’s books or services, please use the Contact page to reach her.

Past Life Regression

Via the Awareness Techniques, you will see how past lives relate to your present, to help you live more fully. Sessions are at Amy’s office in Gloucester, MA. Use the Contact page to schedule a 90-minute session. $150.00


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"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear"