Isabel Hickey

Your Cosmic Blueprint: A Seeker's Guide

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Your "Seeker's Guide" is based on Isabel Hickey's classic text, Astrology: A Cosmic Science (and other writings) adapted by Amy Shapiro and Helen Hickey.  It draws on the interplay of astrology, karma and reincarnation, attuned to universal laws beyond the personality, with Issie's interpretations plus supplemental material.  The Guide is offered as individual reports and a software program for those wishing to generate reports.  Use the Contact page to inquire about how to order.

It Is ALL Right

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Issie's wisdom is beautifully shared in her third book, IT IS ALL RIGHT. The title alone is a mantra for calm and peace. This inspiring book is available -- I recently gave a copy to a college student  who is searching for the meaning of life, and his purpose -- he said it was the one of the best gifts he's ever gotten.
Drop a line on the Contact page for info on how to order. It is $15 plus shipping.
The Fool
The Journey

Isabel Hickey's Last Book: NEVER MIND

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With Reflections by Jay Hickey and Amy Shapiro
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"Issie-isms" -- Mantras, Truisms and Life Guides

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Truisms by Isabel, (called Issie-isms by her students), can be life-altering and healing if taken to heart. These and others are explored in her books, including her last book -- due out soon -- Never Mind. Please post your comments, questions on our Forum so we can learn from YOUR sage thoughts. Enjoy!

Title Absent from the Appearance is Present with the Power
We do not come unbound into this livingness ... we do not start here and we do not stop here ... infinity goes in both directions!

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